Better Internet Starts with You!

Where do you feel safer when meeting people: online or in real life?

Many of us prefer to turn to social media and other online outlets when meeting people. From the comfort of our own homes, it is easy to let our guard down, which is why ensuring a safe and wholesome internet experience is important for everybody.

That’s why each February 6th, the world celebrates Safer Internet Day – a day to raise awareness of the importance of staying safe online – and you can help.

Remember that the internet is no more and no less than what users make of it, and a better internet starts with you! All it takes is for you to think about what you do online – before you do it!

Owlcat suggests a few things:

  1. Spread positivity. Social media interaction should be an enjoyable activity that makes for a fulfilling part of everyday life.
  2. Check your facts. Falsehoods spread quickly! Once you say something on the internet, it can be impossible to take it back. That is why you should avoid gossip and keep it from spreading. Remember too that your friends might not want you to share personal photographs online. Always ask them first!
  3. Sitting at home by your computer, you might easily forget that you are in a public sphere when you are online. Of course, you would never share your passwords online, so be careful about giving others your location, personal photos or telephone number.

A better internet starts with you! On Safer Internet Day, think about what you can do to make social media interaction safer and more rewarding for everyone!