Community Guidelines

At ASKfm we believe that questions and answers are the key to staying close to friends, exploring the world around us and learning something new about ourselves. Using anonymity makes it easier to ask questions and get to know others.

With millions of users globally, our goal is to support and empower our users to create an environment on ASKfm that feels safe and inclusive. That is why we have put together the following general guidelines to help you better understand what we expect from our users on ASKfm.

Respect is the foundation of our community. We want to make sure that everyone can have a great experience on ASKfm.

Remember: posting threatening, bullying or harassing questions and answers is ALWAYS unacceptable on ASKfm.

It can be really easy to miscommunicate online and accidentally offend people — watch out for sarcasm with people you do not know because it can sometime cause conflict.

Real YOU

There is no need to pretend to be someone else on ASKfm. In fact, it’s NEVER allowed. You can ask anonymous questions if you want, but creating a fake profile is not OK.


  • Using ASKfm if you’re under 13 is a no-go. The age requirement is there for your own protection.
  • Posting spam or ‘collecting likes’ is considered rude.

YOUR well-being

While we have put various safety tools in place, you too can do a lot to be in charge of your ASKfm experience: use settings, report or block anyone that bothers you.


  • Promoting and encouraging suicide, self injury and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia is unacceptable. There is more info available if you need help.
  • Asking yourself questions is OK, but sending yourself cruel messages is not.

Respecting others

ASKfm is proud to have people of different cultures, races, religions, and sexual orientation on the platform. We are all equal and have equal rights. It is unacceptable to post content which is racist, sexist, ageist or discriminatory in any other way.

Terrorist organizations and violent extremist groups that intend to encourage or commit terrorist or violent criminal activity are prohibited from maintaining a presence on ASKfm to promote any of their campaigns or plans, celebrate their violent acts, fundraise, or recruit young people.

What’s not OK to share?

Sometimes it can be really tricky to figure out what is and is not appropriate to post.  For example, remember that the following content is NEVER allowed on ASKfm:

  • Pornographic or sexually explicit images.
  • Nude images of yourself or others. This includes naked butts and topless pics.
  • Images that promote violence such as weapons, guns and knives or violent acts.
  • Gory and graphic images.

Sexual and abusive content related to children is illegal and it will be reported to police.

For more information on how to use ASKfm read our Terms of Use or visit ASKfm Safety Centre.